A relatively shallow area where manta rays tend to swim and feed on the surface thanks to currents rich in plankton. This is the place where most manta snorkeling trips will take you. It is not just one specific bay but rather a group of bays where mantas can be seen with a 80% chance according to the local guides. Manta Bay provides visitors with a once-in-a-lifetime experience: swimming with manta rays! The strong currents of Nusa Penida’s waters mean that manta rays are there all-year-round to feed on plankton, which is predominantly found in Manta Bay. Visitors can opt for a Manta Ray Snorkeling Tour, which includes a boat ride out to Manta Bay. The boat captain typically keeps an eye out for manta rays and will let you know when to jump into the water. The tour program that we provide in one day to explore is: ONE DAY NUSA PENIDA WEST + SNORKELING and ONE DAY NUSA PENIDA EAST + SNORKELING


You can take a boat from nearest of port Banjar Nyuh Nusa Penida, the journey takes about 30 minutes. If you use a private boat the price is slightly more expensive.