Kelingking Beach is one of the most famous spot of Nusa Penida, often featured in advertisements for Bali and Indonesia. Its unique rock formations resemble the backbone of a dinosaur and it’s even nicknamed T-Rex bay. From the top of the cliff, visitors may even spot Manta rays. Kelingking Beach was first discovered in 2003 by foreign tourists from the Czech Republic and Australia. At that time this area was still a bush that had not been visited as a tourist spot. From the sea he saw this place he said was good for tourist attractions. From the height of the cliffs, indeed Kelingking Beach looks short but is actually very wide, the width of the beach is around 80 meters with fine white sand. If sea water is receding visitors can see manta rays swimming around the beach. The tour program that we provide in one day to explore is: ONE DAY NUSA PENIDA WEST and ONE DAY NUSA PENIDA WEST & EAST, if you want to combine it with snorkeling ONE DAY NUSA PENIDA WEST + SNORKELING

The origin of the name of the Kelingking Beach is where the local people see the shape of a coral like the middle finger of a human, so the local community calls the kelingking beach. Kelingking in English word mean Pinkie finger, the origin of the Kelingking name comes from the shape of the rock on the beach is look like Pinkie finger and the local people named this place with the name of the Kelingking beach. In addition to the guest term given to this place, guests often refer to this place as T-Rex bay, due to the rock also seen as being shaped like a T-Rex bay.


The easiest option for getting to Kelingking Beach take ferry from Sanur port or Padang Bai in Bali. The ferry ride takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes from Sanur, but taking around 2 hours to reach the island from Padang Bai. There are 3 ports on the island so your landing depends on the location of the port. The nearest port to go to Kelingking is Banjar Nyuh port. You can use the vehicle or scooter approximately a 45-minute drive away. The internet connection is not very good, along the way we can ask local people if you feel wrong way.


When you arrived, need pay for parking fee of around IDR 5.000 - IDR 10.000 for those who arrived by vehicle. Some of the photo locations managed by local people are paid. but there are not a few free area to take photos.


Kelingking Beach located in the village of Bunga Mekar, on the west coast of Nusa Penida Island, Klungkung Regency, Bali, Indonesia. While a specific street address you can see on Google Maps