Smile Nusa Penida – Tour Services is a brand of Bali Holiday Spot Group (Registered Name: CV. Bali Nusa Wisata) is a tour operator in Nusa Penida with a local guide of special sightseeing places in Nusa Penida experienced more than 5 years with handling domestic & foreign traveller. Our mission is to provide you with personalized, authentic, and enriching tours that will leave you with lasting memories of this tropical paradise. Our team consists of highly knowledgeable and experienced local guides who are experts in Nusa Penida's history, culture, and hidden gems. We are to offer you many kind of Nusa Penida tours packages with reasonable prices and highly recommended by traveller reviewer.

Why Choose Us?

  • 1Tour by Local Expert
    We are the best rank for category tours operator in Nusa Penida by TripAdvisor with experienced and friendly guide/driver
  • 2Best Price Guarantee
    The price we offer is competitive and reasonable price. Cheap tour price is not guarantee you can have good services.
  • 3Easy & Quick Booking
    Get in touch/book via Email or WhatsApp always get quick respond with online staff 24 hours.

Meet our team

  • Yan Mus

  • Komang Karang

  • Ben

  • Putu Bagong

  • Kadek Doit

  • Nyoman Sujana

  • Ketut Muli

  • Putu Lionk

  • Komang Adi

  • Kadek Gu